Looking for an educational activity that gets you out of the house while still social distancing? Missing the folks here at the Maine Irish Heritage Center? Check out the Maine Irish Heritage Trail for an active and quarantine-friendly dive into the history of Maine’s Irish community! 

Gorhams Corner Plaque

The Maine Irish Heritage Trail is a self-guided walking tour through Portland and South Portland, showcasing key locations in Irish-American History. The trail provides an opportunity to learn more about Maine’s Irish immigrants and how they shaped the communities we live and work in today. Educational information on trail locations can be found under the “Trail” tab, separated by city. You can also access a map version of the trail for easy navigation! Take a day to explore Maine’s Irish history, or break it down over multiple days! The most important thing is to have fun! Feel free to share pictures of you and your family exploring the trail!   

John Ford Statue
John Ford “Bull Feeney” Statue

Want to explore the Maine Irish Heritage Trail but are unable to leave the house? Want to give the kids an activity to do while you work from home? While we suggest the trail be experienced in person if possible, you can try exploring the sites along the trail on google street view. Let us know how it goes!   

Follow this link to learn more about the Maine Irish Heritage Trail