Forgetting Ireland by Bridget Connelly

Forgetting Ireland is both a history and mystery, a story of western Ireland’s Connemara coast and of Graceville, a small town in western Minnesota where Bridget Connelly discovers her Connemara past. As Connelly uncovers the deliberately suppressed history of her family’s emigration, she exposes an old scandal that surrounded the settling of the land around Graceville, one that pitted Masons, Protestants, Germans, and Yankees against Irish Catholics — and one that set lace-curtain Irish against the Connemara paupers. In this compelling combination of history and memoir, Connelly tells stories of an epochal blizzard, a famous Irish bard, an infamous Irish woman pirate, feuding frontier communities, and an archbishop’s questionable legacy. She also learns why her family tried so hard to forget Ireland.

260 pages, trade paperback

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