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“All people of Irish descent will find this historical novel a must-read”.

Johanna Cashman and John McCarthy, along with over a million others, immigrated to America to escape a devastating famine. They left behind family members who faced starvation to come to a land that would give them a new opportunity for a good life. They were soon made aware that they were not welcome in this new land and that every day would present a new struggle for survival. This historical novel brings the reader through the heartwarming story of a family that overcomes adversity to thrive in America while detailing the movement in the country they left to find its own independent place in the world.

Available through The Briar PatchSherman’s Maine Coast Book ShopsBull MooseAmazonBarnes and Noble, and many other bookstores.”

  • Paperback : 204 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1643506791
  • ISBN-10 : 164350679X
  • Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc (November 19, 2018)